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Chateaux of the Loire Valley in and around the department of Cher

There are a vast and diverse amount of heritage around this area of the Loire valley offering magnificent architecture and history. From glorious Châteaux, large manor houses and magnificent gardens. From Le Grand Coudray it is possible to explore all of the Cher department and step over the boarder into Neievre and take in some of the more splendid sights in the Borgogne region.

There are two ways to explore the Châteaux, houses and gardens of this area, one by following the Jacques Coeur trail and the other by taking each of the five tourist areas of cher and then the Borgogne one at a time.

The five tourist areas in the department of Cher are: Bourges, Berry Saint-Amandois, Loire Val d'Aubois, Sancerre Sologne and Vierzon. Exploring each area in turn allows you to visit a diverse range of attractions.

Which ever way you choose you can be sure that you will always miss something and there will always be another day!

Website for the tourist office in this area

Website for the association of gardens in this area